Here we go!

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Here we go!

As you can see by looking at the site.. we have undergone, and still undergoing, some major revisions. Figured it was time. A newer way to build sites, with new gadgets, gizmos and 'widgets'.. A blog that can actually be a part of the site and some new stuff... So far, most of the new galleries are up.. I think they are a lot more attractive than the old set up. It is my hope to keep the site better updated and fun... There will even be an activities page where I am hoping to have things like jigsaw puzzles and printable pages for kids to color. It should be fun.

The site will soon have several stores attached to it... There will be a Zazzle store, and maybe a Cafepress... Why both? Mainly because they do have some different products... Something you will not find at Zazzle of Cafepress by me is tshirts... I have had way to many complaints about the quality and washability of thier imagry. For Tshirts though I do have a great place which I have already tested with many designs and many types and colors of shirts and the quality is great and that store can be found under the stores button for tshirts in the navigation. Right now in the website store I have a bunch of original art available for those interested and soon will have a whole lot of prints available as well.

Now, Down to business... Available now at CDOEstore are two new packs of art for the PSP Hobbiest community... Lil Steampunk Girls and Lil Guardians (Angels). These images are avalable in pack of three images or packs of three and scrap kits.... If you are into PSP hobbies, you will know more about scrap kits than me.... 

Last but not least.. It is that time of year again... It's time for San Diego Comic Con. July 11 - 15 I will be at booth 1829 with prints, sketchbooks and some original art... if you are there, come see me... 

Keep an eye out for this blog, I hope to keep it updated regularly now. Enjoy!


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  • Cheri Ferguson

    Cheri Ferguson

    09 July 2012 at 18:37 |
    Joel I am a big fan my sister Kelly (also Ferguson lol) has purchased quite a few of your beautiful pieces. I had to tell you how much I enjoy your artwork. Cute and sexy all in one!! Ty again for inspiring me to draw more often,though I remain an unsung artist, I love the feel of creation, my own stab at immortality... I will continue to follow your work , IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTYT . Much admiration, Cheri

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