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Just in time for the holidays

New stuff for you at

Ok.. I haven't posted in a little bit... I need to work on this whole blog thing. Over the last few weeks I finished a few new pieces including Blaze the fan dancer and Lil Captain America. Some items are available for PSP Hobbiests at CDO E-store.

Also, finally, on the site I have the 11x14 print store open and a store for original art. The 11x14 prints look great, and have been a big mover at conventions... There are some images that I refer to as "Convention Prints" for various reasons... I will not identify them here, but they will only be available for the holidays. After that, you will have to catch me at a comic con to get them.

Original art store. If you are interested in these, you have to act fast. They are the original Red pencil drawings that I do before I ink and color them in the computer. They are 11x14 inches on 2ply Strathmore Bristol. They do go fast.

I am trying to work out what Lilz I do next... I want to get some more coloring done for a Lilz Convention book. Hopefully have it done for Dragoncon this year... I am very excited to go back. It was my favorite convention last year..

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