Prints have arrived and new WIP's

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Just in time for the holidays

Prints have arrived and new WIP's

So.. I am scrambling to gather up all my stuff for my regular trek back home to NYC for the hiloday's... My holiday trip usually has me away for a month or more, so the day before, today, is usually spent making sure I have everything i might need while away... So I am shuffling through hard drives.. scanning sketches that I want to work on, and setting up are to finish while I am there. I have set a goal to, by Dragoncon this summer, have a full color Lilz Convention book ready some I am going through a bunch of the old convention sketches and doing some new ones and coloring them.... The ones on my despktop right now are Lil Morrigan, and Lil Druuna. They should make for fun pieces..

Also today. PRINTS HAVE ARRIVED! and they look awesome... I should be shipping today orders I already have... I will be taking a bunch with me to NYC but not alot... If you are intersted in getting some before Christmas, or before mid January, Get your order inn while the traveling supply lasts.. After Mid January, there will be no problem filling orders... 

Prints can be found here

And don't foget about some great Original Red Pencil Art that is available

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